Spaces For Schools - Affordable Solutions

Creating Spaces for Learning Environments

Art Deco prides itself on making the best bespoke spaces for schools, nurseries, colleges and youth centres. This is a functional solution to exploit outdoor areas for extra space, making bespoke buildings you to provide learning and playing facilities. Based on our experience we can ensure fast construction with minimal disruption to you and your educational establishment.

Our materials are high quality, long lasting and selected with care. We pay attention to details giving you the very best with low running costs.

Here is the summary of why you should choose education spaces.

  • Excellent design and finish all by your choice based on the usage, size and shape
  • Best budget quality and installation delivered on time
  • Safety and security features on demand
  • Efficient build up process with minimal inconvenience
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Additional outdoor management to your needs



Bespoke Buildings for Education

Features the following as standard:

Internal Finish.
Floor, Wall and Roof. Insulation.
Roof Weather Protection.
Electrical Installation and Fittings.